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Help Long Time Cartoonist and SPACE Exhibitor Larry Blake

Larry Blake has been a small press cartoonist since the early 70's. He has produced hundreds of comics over the years and  has been an inspiration to many of us in the Small Press. He has been a constant fixture at SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) since its beginning in 2000. He hasn't been there for the last 5 years due to declining health. I just received a letter from him after we have been trying to unsuccessfully contact him. He has been either in the hospital or a nursing home most of 2023. He is in need of surgery and is close to eviction. Please consider donating to help him out with rent and hospital bill.
Larry Blake's Go Fund Me

2024 SPACE Exhibitors (to Date):


* Exhibitors since last update


Aziza The Graphic Novelist (The Kaaiman’s Cry, Locket of Devise) Cincinnati OH

Suzanne Baumann (Sucker Street, Ball Point, A is for Ambroseburg) Hamtramck MI
Blind Alley Comics (Mustard Brothers, The Human Cannonball, The Strange Adventures of Bone Boy) Lansing MI

Pam Bliss (Kekionga and many other Minicomics) Valparaiso IN

Duncan Bryk (Archives) Kent OH

David G Caldwell (Playboy Dan) Knoxville TN

Calvert Comics (Frivolous Glamor) Columbus OH

Brian Canini (Airbag, The Columbus Scribbler, Applewood Canyon, Plastic People) Sunbury OH

CanonWrite Productions (What the Gnomes Know) New Albany OH

Mike Carroll (Cute Ninja Coloring Book, Ninjanthology ) Columbus OH

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC)

Bruce Chrislip (Chrislip Scratchbook Art) Cincinnati

Columbus Art Explorer Post (Post Impressions, Untitled) Columbus OH

Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD)

Columbus Scribbler

Blumiere Connor (Swan Castle) Cincinnati OH

Leighton Connor (Lightning Man) Cincinnati OH

Sarah Cooke (No Spell Lasts Forever, Olive and the Orgre, Strays, How to Analyze & Review Comics: A Handbook on Comics Criticism) Columbus OH

Charles Crabtree (The Space Fiend) Rockbridge OH

Joel Cramer (Adventures of Honzy and Joel) Hilliard OH

Kel Crum (Cornelia Cartoonz, Ed Thud Comix) Fairborn OH
Miles Curtiss (The Editors, Neighborly Detective Company) Columbus OH

DeathMark (Burrito Supreme!) Neenah WI
Christopher Dillon (Dark Lantern Studios,Deadball, Sour Grapes, Machine Sanctuaries, & more, including artwork prints) Cleveland Heights OH

Disposable Fiction Comics, LLC (Frankenstein for Mayor) Columbus OH

Mark Dippel (Quadruped Quorum) Greenwood IN

Ken Eppstein ( Nix Comics) Columbus OH

Matt Feazell (The Amazing Cynicalman) Hamtramck MI

Aaron Zvi Felder (Bad Day for Melvin, Mevin Gets Creative, Lines on Lines, Curves on Curves, Shrinking & Expanding in Circles, Shrinking & Expanding in Squares) 

Katie Fellrath (Bird & Frank) New Albany

Tim Fuller (Sham Comics, Cap'n Catnip) Cincinnati OH

Gloria Ann Shows (Espiritu, Reframed) Columbus OH

Steven Hager (Dutchy Digest) Emmaus PA

Han Hampy (Retail, Bessy The Butcher) Columbus OH

Joey Haas - JH Comics (Invincisquad, Beacon, Jolt, Rumpus the Duck) 

Stephen Hines (Snails With Lasers, Zombie Fabulous, The Soccer Mom Killer, Rebirth Defect, An Exile's Epistle) Troy OH

Travis Horseman (Amiculus Books) Columbus OH

J.M. Hunter Columbus OH 

Felix Hustead (Do you think of me?) Westerville OH

Canada Keck  (Ruminera Comics) Columbus OH
Matt Kish (Spudd 64, Fungi World, Snake) Beavercreek, OH

Labishka Ink (Monty Gomez is the Luchador; The Luchador: Road Trip) Santa Maria CA

Jeffrey Lilly (The Extras) Ferndale MI

Craig Lindsley (Caesar Comics) Parma OH

Carl Lucas (Lynx) Columbus OH

Caroline Manley (My Husband Is A Space Alien) Columbus OH

Gabby Metzler (Fat Girl Love Club) Columbus OH
Kenn Minter (The Emerald Yeti All Color Action Special) Midway KY

T. Perran Mitchell (Shadow of a Gun, The Chronicals of the Tal Nor) Phoenixville PA
Robert Monsarrat (OK (Original Kaiju) Volumes 1 and 2, Monsarrat's Monsters, Dinosaur Demigod) Bexley OH

Joseph Morris (Spitballz, Quixote Coyote, Cozmic Taco) Mattoon IL

* Andrew Mosher (Andrew Mosher Art) West Henrietta NY

Steve Myers (Mutant Elf, F.E.D.s) Sandusky OH

Michael  R Neno (Odysseus Rex) Gahanna OH

Keith Newsome (Dragon illustrations, various Newsome stories) Columbus OH

Candy Ober (A Paper Doll World) Marysville OH

Phoenix Productions - Tom Fellrath (Strange Times, Heroes Now, Hologram, Something in the Water) New Albany OH

Maryanne Rose Papke  (Ghost Castle) Columbus OH

Warren Reed (warrenography)`12 (One Thousand Words, Monkeyshines: Legacy, Rivals, Youpi) 
Carlos Rivera ( Newtown PD, Yo-ICE) Youngstown OH

Max Schaller (Horde Magazine, Sword Splitter) Columbus OH

Ian Shires (Indyfest Magazine (previously Self Publisher!)) Madison OH

So Pro Comics (Bluff Creek, Insectakid, The Moth, Bert & Woodrow's Last Adventure) Marietta OH

Katie Starr (Pronomore, Trey Meets the Goose) Cleveland Heights OH

Jennifer Steiner

Steve Steiner (Mullet Turtle Comics, Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs) Columbus OH

Nick Stellanova (Panthalassa, The Dazzle, Soft Velvet, Secret Jester, Here and Now, etc) Columbus OH
Joshua Ray Stephens (VENOMYTHS) Saint Louis MO

* Tessa (Apology Dinner) Lancaster OH
James F Thomas (Ope!, Dispatches from the Midwest)  Columbus OH

Ben Towle (In the Weeds, Four-Fisted Tales, Oyster War) Columbus OH

Carol Tyler ( Soldier's Heart)

Unhinged Twins (Unhinged Twins) Marysville, OH
Anna "Junior" Vigorito (Growing Up Gerudo)

Thomas Williams (Comic Book Tattoo, Hide, Lifelike, SPB:Rise!, No Dead Time) Columbus OH
Matt Wydick (Awkward Sushi Comics) Columbus OH
*Joe Zabel (Mysterious Murphy & Other Stories) Cleveland Heights OH

Bob Corby (Plans, Oh,Comics!, Felica's Quest, Amazing Tales of Entropy, Oh,Comics!) Columbus OH

Laughing Ogre

Last update: 2/26/2024

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Info & Map
SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo)
Saturday, April 27& Sunday, April 28, 2024
10AM to 6 PM Saturday
10AM to 5 PM Sunday
Rhodes Center at the Ohio Expo Center and State Fair
Free Admission!
Parking is presently $7.00 a day with no in & out privileges.

SPACE 2024 Exhibitor Registration


If you would like to sign up as an exhibitor for the show please fill out either the on-line application or fill out and mail the downloadable application. After doing so please return to this page for payment options.


Use the PayPal button below or send a check along with a filled out downloadable application to the address on the form


On-line Exhibitor Application


Downloadable Exhibitor Application



Exhibitor Table  $85.00



Exhibitor Info


2024 SPACE Prize:

If you would like to be considered for the 2024 SPACE Prize, Please bring the book(s) you would like to submit with you to the show. An entry form will be provided there for you to fill out. Books and forms will be collected at the Back Porch Comics table. There will be prizes in catagories Graphic Novel, General and  Minicomic/Short Story. See the SPACE Prize page for more info.


No AI produced material is to be sold at SPACE.



We expect to have a full day of panels scheduled including a special SPACE Prize Award presentation.



Each table comes with two chairs and badges for the listed exhibitors.You'll get the same amount of chairs up to 3 (Can't fit more than 3 chairs behind a table.) There will not be any table coverings. If you want one bring your own. The tables are 8'-0" long X 2'-6" wide.


Program Book:

The program book will be about 24 pages with an 8 page insert covering the exhibitor list and table locations and program. The main book will be filled with articles and comics. If you would like an ad go to Program Advertising


Vendors License:

We are recommending that anybody selling at SPACE get a vendors license. If you do not have a regular vendors license than you should get a Transient Vendor's license by filling out form ST-1T from the Ohio Department of Taxation website. There is a one-time application fee of $25.00. There is no further fee except for the sales tax you collect as long as you file every six months even if you have made no sales in Ohio.

The form can be obtained though the mail by writing to the Ohio Department of Taxation P.O.Box 182215 Columbus OH 43218-2215

Please Note: If you are coming from out of state you can apply for  Seller's License UT-1000 which does not have an application fee.



Although my comics are pretty mild I\\\'m very anti-censorship. Columbus like every other city has obscenity laws, which basically state what you can get away with, is based on this undefined thing called the community standard.  One thing I can say for sure is nothing considered objectionable can be openly displayed. Also nothing that is objectionable can be viewed by children. Example: A comic with Mature material inside can sit on the table if there is nothing objectionable on the cover (which is usually the case if you want to sell stuff at comic shops). If a kid picks it up it's up to you to stop them. I'm anti-censorship but pro-responsibility. I believe the responsibility of what children view is the responsibility of the parents but in this environment you the comic producer know best what is in your publications and can make that judgment. I think the fact that we are sitting right there monitoring who has access to our material should be enough to keep us all out of trouble.



If anybody has to cancel I'd appreciate it if you could let me know as soon as possible. Refunds will be made minus paypal charges or postage up to two weeks before the show.

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