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SPACE 2023
Premiere Comics!
See some of the new comics which will be at SPACE 2023!

Nix Single #2 by Ken Eppstein

Nix Single #2, the latest issue of Ken Eppstein's combo mini-zine and fold out poster, is an abbreviated version of the Nix Comics record collecting pub "Tales From the Crate" and breaks down a trip to a local musician's buck-a-record yard sale! The first print run will be only 25, numbered and signed! Three Bucks for the basic zine, discount for buying both issues #1 and #2. Limited copies with records and original art also available! 

Tony Tower Teenage Secret Agent by 
Craig Lindsley

My Action-Adventure Comic. Meet three-time Golden Gloves boxing champ Tony Tower. An old foe of Tony's Grandpa resurfaces. The journey from boxer to secret agent begins here. $5.00
Aqua-Fly by 
Craig Lindsley

My latest humor comic based on a mostly true story. It's a battle of wits, and a battle of wills. Who will rule the backyard pool? $2.00
I Love a Clock by Michael R. Neno

I Love a Clock is a warped tale of time travel and obsession. It's also
a new public domain mashup microcomic, available for $3 at SPACE!
This Is Your Weather App
by Han Donovan

A 32-page poetry comic about rain, wind, anxiety, uncertainty, and doom, as told by your weather app.   
Dutchy Digest 15

12 page Digest sized comic book written by Steven Hager art by Bruce Rosenberger. See if the Dingledorffer family can win a golden ticket to see their favorite radio show, The Farmer Floyd & Polly show!
Mr. Comics by Matt Feazell

Mr. Comics lives in a 2-dimensional universe of panel borders, word balloons and sound effects. His mission is helpfully explaining reality to a crew of bright, curious kids who may or may not believe there's actually going to be a test on all this at the end of the semester. This mini-anthology collects three adventures originally appearing in Hey Kids Comics zine!
Cap'n Catnip #4
by Craig Boldman, Tim Fuller and Daryll Collins

At long last, Cap’n Catnip and Womble the Wonder Gerbil return to protect the crime-infested streets of Petropolis. Originally debuting in Charlton Bullseye #2 in 1981, this book strikes out in a bold new direction.
In this issue, the Tenacious Twosome tackles an epic-length mystery as they unravel the secret to “The Many Ghosts of Doctor Nein.” Plus Bad Rat enlists his cousin to help him build a robot for a crime spree that goes horribly wrong in “Don’t Tread On Me.” Join Cap and Womble for all new adventures, featuring stories by Craig Boldman and art by Tim Fuller and Daryll Collins. It’s all-ages, full-color fun fest for the whole family. Bring the pets too!
Zombie Marge Comix & Stories #3
by Tim Fuller

The long-awaited third issue of Zombie Marge Comix & Stories with a new installment of “The Mothman Cometh”. Full color fun with Marge and the gang as she battles invading aliens who are trying to Plan 9 her neighborhood. Will Marge step up and become an unlikely action hero? And how does Mothman figure into all of this? The answers to these and many more unasked questions can be found in this issue.

Title: Pythia: The Last Oracle Issue #1

by Travis Horseman (Writer) & Jessie Robinson (Artist)

In A.D. 362, Christianity is ascendant, and paganism appears to be breathing its last. The Pythia, Apollo's Oracle of Delphi, barely subsists on the waning faith of the god's remaining followers. But the newly-crowned Roman emperor Julian promises a return to the old gods. All he requires from the Pythia is a prophecy of triumph in the coming wars, and Apollo will bask in the glory of an Olympian renaissance. 
The Pythia must do everything in her power to stop this from happening.

 This is the first chapter of a seven-issue miniseries.

Hex in the West by Xavier Lavagniño

The deserts of Hex in the West run wild with banditos, vaqueros, magic and monsters. Follow a haphazard trio of bounty hunter witches, Layn, Ro and Jemma, as they bring evil doers to justice and stop those who wish to return the deserts back to a time of madness.
“Artwhale’s Spicy Spider”

Artwhale’s “Spicy Spider” is a 156 page experimental gag graphic novel/ Art book. Chris Chua’s debut self published book. 

Sick Adult Swim cartoons meets Garbage Pail Kids meets Deadpool meets Mad magazine meats hotdogs. 

Low brow art + High brown fart. Sophisticated toilet humor. 

Figure drawings. Bonus 300+ live caricatures. Kitchen sinks. 

cute stuff. 

Sword Splitter #2 by Max Schaller

Sword Splitter is an action adventure comic series about an alien war over a powerful sword, which has been broken into pieces and divided across the solar system. 
by Maryanne Rose Papke

A short story printed like a minicomic. Tehg is an unusual alliterative tale about bubbles, bibbles, gibs, dibs, and similar, and circles both literal and metaphysical.
 Souvenir de Paris
by Pam Bliss

An epic "fragment of a possible memoir" starring the enigmatic Mr. Rock, written for last year's Inktober and tackling each prompt on the list in order.  Mysterious nighttime events in the Misspelled Curiousity Shop on Archer Avenue.
Dubface Annual #1, created by Oak Park, Michigan artist and author Steven Gamburd features dream host and witchdoctor Jordan Hex, the amazing and extraordinary wrestler Outre, the explosive first chapter of crime noir novella The 6th Evil, a few odd stories and more! 
POEM BY HULK by Pam Bliss
20 pp minicomic   The long awaited first collection from writer and photographer Eriksen Hulk, Kekionga's famous Poetry Hulk.  Haiku and "other kind poem" by this lyric wordsmith, illustrated with his own photographs and drawings by Pam Bliss.
The DAZZLE: Part Three by  Nick Stellanova
Debuting at SPACE 2023 as the third installment of a five part series.
A dejected trans man, Damien, has thrown his life away for a chance to be reborn as his ideal self: his creation, the computer program DAZZLE. But DAZZLE is not so willing to take Damien's place, and has plans of their own life to live...
The Mummy Princess: Ancient Secrets by Plam Bliss

12pp minicomic   The Mummy Princess is an outspoken character, but her origins have remained a mystery-- until now.  Many surprising revelations await the lucky readers of this uncommonly royal minicomic.  Special appearances by several other residents of Kekionga.
Newsome Stories 
Story and art by Keith Newsome

"Blind White" is a short story of a conversation between friends that doesn’t end so well... but different.  $1

"Breathing Life" is a short story on creating something out of nothing… and the response. $1

"Fallen Heights" explores the push past a fear with a different end to that fear. $2

"Fatigue" is a short story about the blame and suspicion that can fall upon a small town without all the correct information, with a twist. $2

"In Time" is a short story that explores the pain of time, and the reminder of what we need to be aware of.  $1

"Love Could" is a short story that speaks about the difference in what some people use and abuse what they consider love can be. $1

"Sun and Shadow" is a short story that explores the light and darkness of life. $1

"Tight Space" is a short story that looks into the fears that people have in a situation they cannot control. $2
Spudd 64 issue 5 by Matt Kish

Picking up 17 years after issue 4, Hassan explains his life as a castaway for the last decade as well as startling new transformations for Spudd 64. $3, 24 pages, b&w

180 pages B&W paperback (size: 5 x 7.5")


“Join Malek and Izick as they continue their journey to become the greatest cornhole legends of all time! The 44th annual Kern Invitational Cornhole Tournament is in full swing as our heroes observe the last match of the quarterfinals. Which begs the question, who will our heroes face off against in the upcoming semi-finals round? Will it be the carefree Money O’s? or the thespian actors turned cornhole professionals, The Cobfathers?
Plans 03 by Bob Corby

The third issue with a Mr. Rifft story and the second part of Gremlin: Holy War.  Great back cover of "The Point" by Keith Newsome. 20 pages $2.00 at SPACE
It Rhymes with Funt
by Tim Fuller & Matt Baker

130-page, b&w, digest-size Sham Graphic novel
Margo Funt tries to step into her dead husband's shoes while the town drags her name around.
Bob Woodwork was the newly hired editor of The Daily Babbler, recently arrived from New York City and ready for a challenge. But he had not counted on that challenge involving an old flame from his troubled past. With the sudden death of Sabastian Funt, his widow was the richest woman in Mancave, Kentucky. She set aside her mourning to step into his shoes and make her presence felt. She would show this tiny tapioca mining town what real power looked like. They would come to fear the name Margo Funt. But behind her back, the towns people had another name for her... 
It Rhymes with Funt.
What It Takes by Kez

What it Takes is the story of Colbey and her search for Dr. Peter Wolfe. It's been 8 years since the end of the world, but she hasn't given up. While avoiding warring gangs with intermittent success, she is hot on the trail to A City in a Place, the one place on earth with functioning technology, a democratic government, and a likely hideout for scientists. There's only one problem: the location is a secret many would rather take to the grave than share with the wrong person. Colbey isn't exactly a star recruit, but if she doesn't make it there first, those who want the City's resources may ruin it for everyone.  A 470-page graphic novel 12 years in the making. 
The Hound of Cold Hollow: Vengeance

After escaping an abusive relationship, a young massage therapist finds the promise of a new carefree life with another woman, but a string of unsolved murders draws them into a sinister world of secrets and suspicion in this monster of a thriller by J.D. Thompson.
Unbound: Renewed
by Douglas Laubacher

"Follow the continuing adventures of Leaf and Galley, two bird librarians who serve a cast of boisterous animal patrons.
In this, their second book collection, watch as they battle giant bees, survive floods and most dangerously - deal with people!"
Lauren Ipsum
by Charles Brubaker

130 page B&W paperback (size 8.5x6")
Lauren Ipsum is a professional librarian, part-time writer, and an intellectual culture enthusiast (nerd). Join this looney rabbit and her friends running the esteemed St. Paws Library!
Oh,Comics! #31 "Coffee"

Oh,Comics!, the annual themed comics anthology will be back at SPACE 2023 with 22 stories about our favorite beverage by Keith Newsome, Ken Eppstein, Ron Hill, Kate E Lore, Nik Dirga, J. M. Hunter, Brian Canini, Michael Anthony Carroll, Matt Levin, Bob Corby, Pam Bliss, Kel M. Crum, D. Site, Larned Justin, Jonathon Riddle, Joel  Crammer, Steven Myers, J.M. Hunter, Craig Latchaw, Bianca Alu-Marr, Steve Peters, James Windsor-Smith, Lee Thacker, Corey Bechelli, Wendy Gahris, and Susan Olcott
Cover by Keith Newsome
104 page!
The Point #1
by Bob Corby
A minicomic which was produced by using daily prompts back last October to produce a continuous narrative. Join rooky "super hero", Point, and his side kick, Brock, on their first adventure.
32 page minicomic. Probably a buck at SPACE.
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