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Premiere Comics!
See some of the new comics which will be at SPACE 2023!
What It Takes by Kez

What it Takes is the story of Colbey and her search for Dr. Peter Wolfe. It's been 8 years since the end of the world, but she hasn't given up. While avoiding warring gangs with intermittent success, she is hot on the trail to A City in a Place, the one place on earth with functioning technology, a democratic government, and a likely hideout for scientists. There's only one problem: the location is a secret many would rather take to the grave than share with the wrong person. Colbey isn't exactly a star recruit, but if she doesn't make it there first, those who want the City's resources may ruin it for everyone.  A 470-page graphic novel 12 years in the making. 
The Hound of Cold Hollow: Vengeance

After escaping an abusive relationship, a young massage therapist finds the promise of a new carefree life with another woman, but a string of unsolved murders draws them into a sinister world of secrets and suspicion in this monster of a thriller by J.D. Thompson.
Unbound: Renewed
by Douglas Laubacher

"Follow the continuing adventures of Leaf and Galley, two bird librarians who serve a cast of boisterous animal patrons.
In this, their second book collection, watch as they battle giant bees, survive floods and most dangerously - deal with people!"
Lauren Ipsum
by Charles Burbaker

130 page B&W paperback (size 8.5x6")
Lauren Ipsum is a professional librarian, part-time writer, and an intellectual culture enthusiast (nerd). Join this looney rabbit and her friends running the esteemed St. Paws Library!
Oh,Comics! #31 "Coffee"

Oh,Comics!, the annual themed comics anthology will be back at SPACE 2023 with stories about our favorite beverage. Check back here for more info.

Cover by Keith Newsome
The Point #1
by Bob Corby
A minicomic which was produced by using daily prompts back last October to produce a continuous narrative. Join rooky "super hero", Point, and his side kick, Brock, on their first adventure.
32 page minicomic. Probably a buck at SPACE.
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