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Premiere Comics!
See some of the new comics which will be at SPACE 2024!

 LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME!  Adapted by Nate Powell


A full comics adaptation of the late, great James Loewen's influential history book about history textbooks. It corrects many misconceptions and falsehoods commonly accepted in American history, while outlining how these errors, myths, and lies have found themselves embedded in our historical understanding and education—and a path to fixing what our miseducation has broken, developing critical thinking skills, empathy, and room for contradiction along the way. Guaranteed to be banned in multiple states!

Oh,Comics! #32 “Dreams”
Our annual comics anthology is underway. It’s  a gigantic 130 pages! 20 plus strips by dreamers, Brian Canini, Keith Newsome, Kel M. Crum, Matt Levin, Michelle West, Teri S. Wood, Carlos Riveria, Goblin Zero, Susan Olcott, Dale Martin, Pam Bliss, Ron Hill,  Asukile Gardner, Jonathon Riddle, Wendy Gahris, Brent Bowman, Dara Naraghi, Bianca Alu Marr, Steve Peters, Michael A Carroll, Carl Lucas, Kate E. Lore, J.M. Hunter and Bob Corby. Cover by Ron Hill

Quadruped Quorum by Mark Dippel

In 2022, I created “Quadruped Quorum” with the intention of it being an online supplemental part to my self-released album entitled “Nine-Track Minded.”  It was largely used as an advertising tool, mostly just to continue listeners’ engagement with the music in a unique way.  However, the more I worked on the comic strip, the more ideas I started developing, and the more fun I was having with it.  Eventually, it became my primary art project, separate from its connection to my music.  At that point, I was then able to discover its proper voice and identity.

Copy of 300BookCover (1) (2).jpg

The two main characters are based on my pets, Ghost the dog, and her big brother, Goblin the cat.  All of the comics are based on some degree of truth, typically the joking conversations between my wife and me, when we observe the animals’ humorous and eccentric behavior.  There is also still a lot of music-related material involved in their discussions and their adventures, because music has always been such a large part of our lives, just like the pets themselves.  It’s truly a combination of everything that is most important to me.

“Quadruped Quorum Book One” is a self-published paperback collection of every comic I posted online from May 2022 through November 2023, and also includes several unreleased comics that are exclusive to the book.

Deadball Episode #1

by C N Dillon


When baseball fanatic Sam's favorite team blows a rare opportunity to make the playoffs, his  anger and frustration propel him into a series of bizarre misadventures. Confounded by a motley  assortment of weird, menacing, and comical characters, Sam struggles to mend the fragments of  his broken baseball dreams.



• oversize (11" x 7.5")

• 24 satin/semi-gloss interior pages

• full color

• heavy cover stock

Snails With Lasers #1 by Stephen Hines and Aaron Lindeman

A zany alien invasion story in which six snails are armed and charged with the mission of helping human evolution along.

“The Emerald Yeti All Color Action Special”

Kenn Minter, Clarence Pruitt, Sterling Clark,

Michael Neno

Full Color
Page Count: 48

The Emerald Yeti teams up with Ntombinde, the girl who loves danger, in an action-packed jungle tale of magical fruit, super-science, and savage beast men. In Condominium of Conundrums, life at a swinging singles pad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as the Emerald Yeti navigates life in the disco era. Working as the building’s superintendent, the Yeti discovers there are worse things than cleaning toilets. Time Trouble features that rascal, the Lil' Yeti, teaming up with Young Ninja Witch in a time-traveling misadventure with dire consequences for the space-time continuum! Finally, we get a look at domestic life for a superhero husband and wife as the Yeti’s Magnificent Mob teammates Super-Ego and Little Miss Fantastic join the fray. Can the Emerald Yeti save them from another family squabble in Mayhem at the Marina?

One Thousand Words by Warren Reed

In “One Thousand Words” -set in the FutaTor region of northern Senegal, during the early 80s- a veteran of World War One recounts his experiences as a “tirailleur sénégalais” or Senegalese sharpshooter. From forced conscription to facing the enemy in the trenches of France, to his eventual repatriation, he gives a glimpse, through his words and the images he evokes of the challenges and repercussions faced by these young men far from home, who were thrust into a conflict that was not their own. This volume is the first in the 'Force Noire' series, named in the spirit of the colonial conscripts.

The Huntsman's Offering

by Andrew Mosher


The huntsman's family suffers a great loss when both mother and child succumb to a horrible illness, one after the other. The huntsman grieves and buries them, but then the spirit of his son appears before him. He did not cross to the afterlife and is unable to rest in this world. The grief stricken father embarks on a quest to grant his son peace, seeking holy sites where he might provide acceptable offerings in supplication to the gods. However, the journey is long and dangerous, and the gods seem to be either disinterested or dead. This is a wordless graphic novella, 60 pages black and white with spot color.


by DeathMark


Dim-witted goofball Chet Chimichanga accidentally discovers one of the most powerful artifacts in the galaxy and with it, the power to become the newest hero to wield The Supreme! When a villain from his predecessor's past returns, Chet is forced into some on-the-job training with the help of his guardian star, Ella - will they be able to thwart this maniacal threat to planet Permafrost? (Don't be confused by the issue number - it's the first issue!)


standard comic size, 32 full-color pages, cardstock cover

Newsome Stories by Keith Newsome

13 Short Stories!

Lightning Man #4 by Leighton and Blumiere Connor
The first volume of the Lightning Man saga concludes here! Secrets are revealed as our hero learns about his heroic legacy, stretching back to the days of World War II. Witness the life story of Isobel Blake, AKA Lightning Girl--but what connection does she have to Blake, and what effect will she have on his future? Plus Marvo the Magician, Lash Lighnting, Magno the Magnetic Man, the malevolent Mastermind and more, all in this jam-packed issue!
Plans 04 by Bob Corby
Part 3 of Gremlin: Holy War, Mike Blues in full color and a Gallery section of Comics vs Art drawings and paintings. 20 interior pages.  $2.00 at SPACE

Schizo+Punk by Matthew Northrup

Natalie is doing her best to live her life.
Struggling with her chaotic mental divergence,
trying to live her passion of being a rockstar...
But her hallucinations are getting worse.
And more powerful.

Others see what she sees.
Her music is causing reality to warp.
And no one seems to care.
They even seem pleased with it all,
good and bad.

Has Natalie gone COMPLETELY mad?


Reality is just getting with the program.

Antsy & Sucko
by Tim Fuller

A political satire.

STRANGE TIMES 5 - The "My Best Joke" anthology


It's a simple proposition: Bring your best joke to Phoenix Productions' award-winning anthology zine.


Twenty brave creators answered the call.  Check out the results at SPACE 2024!


50 magazine-sized, black and white pages surrounded by a glossy color cover.

Random Short Stories by a Future Bestseller

A collection of short stories by Brian Canini that originally premiered in various anthologies over the years. Including the dark fantasy epic, Raygar: Man of the Lost, the Gilmore Girls tribute, Gilmore Girls VS Godzilla, and the horror classic about a cheese ball, It Rots. This comic also includes a never-published outtake from Airbag #1 and an all-new story!

Mysterious Murphy and Other Stories by Joe Zabel

In 'Mysterious Murphy', a backyard magician takes his act to the next level to settle a score with an abusive child during a 1950s rural birthday party.  Inspired by an actual party magician who performed in the Columbus area during the last century.  Also in this issue, the semi-autobiographical story The Key, and a mysterious family of Cleveland elites perform a late night burial in 'The Greenhouse.'


All stories and art by Joe Zabel, best known for his work illustrating American Splendor.

Adventures of Honzy and Joel #23 by Joel Cramer
The second half of the story that began in #22. Human detective Joel and his dragon partner Honzy are tracking down an elusive suspect in a swamp with supernatural powers and an army of the undead. Lots of zombies were harmed in the making of this story.
The Skaype Wars #0  by Joel Cramer
An 8-page teaser for an upcoming space opera graphic novel I'm working on. Rated PG.
Creative director Jason Degroot and publisher Joe Bagdon present the first volume of Sunday Jam.  A jam comic that is updated every Sunday at Sunday-Jam.  The first volume contains 28 comic creators.  All the proceeds from copies sold at SPACE will be donated to Reading is Fundamental.  $5.00

Amp #1 by Joey Haas
Filling the void left after the fall of the Guardians, Devon Stone starts out on his own super hero journey as the audio powered hero Amp!

Amp #1 follows the events of Beacon #8, and takes place in the same universe as Beacon and Jolt, but can be read on its own with no prior knowledge needed.

Odd Clods #7 by Steve Steiner
Self anthology newspaper.
Shadow of a Gun, a new graphic novel by T. Perran Mitchell and Monica Gallagher, cover by Kat L Amsel
Shadow of a Gun tells the true story of Tom Mitchell and two of his roommates being held up at gunpoint while in college. This graphic novel set in the year 2000 follows them from the moment of the crime through to the end of their time in court. This book explores the physical and emotional toll these events took on Tom and his household.
GODSENT- Clotine's Story by Keith Newsome
This is a prequel to GODSENT number 1. Clotine's Story about a 911 operator trying to help a person who is in a self destruction mode... done in the unique way of Newsome's story telling.
Dutchy Digest #16 by Steven Hager & Bruce Rosenberger

In our 20th Anniversary issue join Amos and Duke as they try to solve “The Giant Conspiracy”!
Still only a dollar!

All Our Monsters #1 You are not alone by Chandu Tennety


22 pages plus coloring page.

Kekionga Digest by Pam Bliss

Digest sized collection of comics from Pam’s sketchbooks

October with Crow and Possum by Pam Bliss

The mosaic story from last year's Inktober.  It's a 36 page minicomic!

"Two short stories I wrote last Thursday at
a Waffle House in Toledo, Ohio" by Pam Bliss

which is pretty much just what it says on the title.  It's an 8 page minicomic.
The Ducks Know! by Bob Corby

Profound words about art with the assistance of ducks or what was Bob going to do with all those pics of ducks he took. Done in 2 hours the day before SPACE.  If you see me and are nice to me you might get one. If you're mean to me I might make you take one. 8 page mini.
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