Announcing the 2010 SPACE Prize Winners:

General Category:



1st Place(Tie):

Cragmore Book One
Pat N. Lewis
5326 5th Ave. #24
Pittsburgh PA


1st Place(Tie):

Mirror Mind
Tory Woollcott


3rd Place:

Fulcrum Publishing
Editor: Matt Dembicki
3148 Hartwick LA.
Fairfax VA 22031


Minicomic / Short Story Category:

1st Place:

Board of Superheroes #2
Not Available Comics
Matt Feazell
P.O.Box 12038
Hamtramck MI 48212


2nd Place:

Veggie Dog Saturn #4
Buyer Beware Comics
Jason Young
P.O.Box 20083
Dayton OH 45420


3rd Place:

Ultimate Loss Kisses #11
Silber  Media
Writer: Brian John Mitchell
Artist: Dave Sim
P.O.Box 18062
Raleigh NC 27619


Webcomic Category:

1st Place:

Champ 2010
Rutter Comics
Jed Collins
P.O.Box 5612
Athens OH 45701


2nd Place:

Pretty Jeff
Jeff Gibbons
1986 Cherrylawn Dr
Toledo OH 43614


3rd Place:

Satyr Play Productions
Mike Indovina
15301 Knox Ave. Apt. 14
Oak Forest IL 60452


2010 SPACE Prize Finalists:

SPACE Prize 10 Finalists -General Category


SPACE Prize 10 Finalists -Minicomic / Short Story Category


SPACE Prize 10 Finalists -Webcomic Category



About the SPACE Prize

From the books which were collected at SPACE 2010, we will be awarding the
2010 SPACE Prizes. The prizes will be presented in three categories-
General, Minicomic / Short Story and  Webcomic.The winners will be picked from three voting bodies in each category.
Two rotating judges and the registered SPACE 2010 Exhibitors.
This years judges are Alex Heberling, Ray Tomczak, Michael Carroll and Bob Corby

The winner of the General SPACE prize will win a cash prize of $300.00 and a plaque.
The winners of the Minicomic / Short Story  and Webcomic categories will each win a $50.00 cash prize and a plaque.
 The plaque presentation will be held during SPACE 2011 on March 19, 2011 at the
Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center in Columbus.

The General Category:
All comics that do not fit into the mini-comics/short story category qualify for the general category.
In the General category if an anthology wins the editor/publisher will win the prize not each of the individual contributors.
If you are a contributor to an anthology and you want your individual story considered please enter it under the
mini-comic/ short story category.
The Mini-comics/short story Category:
Only mini-comics 5-1/2X8-1/2 maximum size and a maximum of 28 interior pages or a short story in an anthology up
to a 16 page story can be submitted for this category.
The Webcomic Category:
Any comic that was posted on-line between April 20, 2009 and April 24, 2010 by SPACE 2010 exhibitor
can be submitted for this category.



2010 SPACE Prize Entries:

SPACE Prize page 2 -- General Category


SPACE Prize page 3- General Category


SPACE Prize page 4 -Minicomic / Short Story Category


SPACE Prize page 5 -Minicomic / Short Story Category


SPACE Prize page 6 -Webcomic  Category


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