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2018 SPACE Prize Entries
comic/ Short Story



Ruminera #6: Now for the Rest of the Story
Ruminera Comics
Canada Keck


Seabase 17 #3
Brian John Mitchell-Writer
Shawn Atkis-Artist
P.O.Box 883
Sanford NC 27331


Self Help Bunny
Mike Laughead Illustration LLC
Mike Laughead
5044 Shadycrest Rd.
Columbus OH 43229



Lucian Snars
75 cents



Superball! #2
Sparke Comics
Ken Cooney



Tabula Rosetta #2
Sarah Allen Reed
The Blackwork Organization




Super Tooth
Zimberack Comics
Jackson Connor




Swann Castle
Abigail Connor


Teen Girl Killed #5
True Life Comix
Lauren McCallister


Testimony and the Prosecution’s Witness
Calvert Comics
Mat Calvert

There Was an Accident…
Violet Mitchell-Writer
Nate McDonough, Jason Young, Eric Shonborn, Kurt Dinse, Chelsea Fields, Jared Catherine and Shane DeLeon
P.O.Box 883
Sanford NC 27331

Timetrvlr #1-13
Dimestore Productions
Ian Shires
1546 Yale Ave.
Madison OH 44057
$1.50 Each



Tuff Muther
Graziani Multimedia
296 Hampton Rd.
Lexington OH 44904

Urbanity Planet 2
Theora Kvitka




We Only Live Once
Aubrey Hunter



With a Poet’s Heart
French Toast press
Max Ink




Zombio: I Found a Planet and I’m Rich
Klockow Comics
Mike Klockow- Writer
Kat Klockow –Artist

Zombio: Mailing Through the Solar System
Klockow Comics
Mike Klockow- Writer
Kat Klockow –Artist


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