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2018 SPACE Prize Entries

Minicomics / Short Stories


Dutchy Digest #12
Steven Hager-Writer
Bruce Rosenberger-Artist
319 Broad St.
Emmaus PA 18049




Escape from Sex-Shame Comic Special
Hooha Comics
Tim Fuller
1 Paulena Dr.
Cold Spring KY 41076



Frames of Reference
The Blackwork Organization
Sarah Allen Reed
P.O.Box 1186
Saint Charles MO 63302-1186





Free Syrian Coffee
Sam Izdat
$5.00 to charity




French Toast Press
Flor de Canela





“In God We Trust” from Magic Bullet #16
Magic Bullet
Chad Lambert-Writer
Jeff McComsey- Artist
2982 Calusa Dr.
Hamilton OH 45011




The Kennel Club Racers
Michael Fehskens
1728 E. Long St. Apt. C
Columbs OH 43203




Kitchen Chemistry for Kids of All Ages
Matt Williams-Writer
Althea Seilhan-Artist




Lettering Punny Love
Michael Anthony Carroll
4753 Olentangy River Rd. Unit 4
Columbus OH 43214


My True Lies
More of My True Lies
Even More True Lies
Bruce Rosenberger
$1.50 each





Littlest Critters
Winifred Kehl



Luna the Fox
Mullet Turtle
Steve Steiner

 Mister and Missile
ADHD Comics
Brian Hagen
Josh Flowers
4233 Chambers St.
Cincinnati OH 45223

“Nightmares” from Fright Night #1
Maria Gonzalez-Writer
Jack Gonzalaez-Artist



No Child Left Behind
Stu Rase
46730 Barrington Ct.
Plymouth MI 48170

One Drink
Black Market Books
Bruce Worden




Para Low’s Tale of Crime
Para Low




Pirate’s Life
Aubrey Hunter

Plastic People #2,3,4&5
Drunken Cat Comics
Brian Canini
$1.99 Each



Puppy Dog Tales
Althea Seitham


Drunken Cat Comics
Brian Canini

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