Friday March 24

7:30PM-11:00PM SPACE Pre-party at the Laughing Ogre Comic Shoppe
Laughing Ogre, 4258 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43214 - Meet and talk to many of the SPACE exhibitors before the show. Watch while the annual Jam Panel is created.

Saturday March 25

All Day: Minicomic Clinic hosted by Ian Shires at table W15. Join 30 year minicomics veteran Ian Shires for a personal showcase of how to make a minicomic. See what equipment you would need, and ask him anything! For all ages, do not leave SPACE until you can go home and make your own comic!

10:00AM- Exhibitor Room Opens

12:00 Noon: 2016 SPACE Prize Presentations
Hosted by Bob Corby and Mike Carroll.

1:00 PM: Amiculus, A Secret History: From Concept to Kickstarter to Comic by Travis Horseman

The presentation will cover the inspiration, artistic process and creation of the three-part graphic novel series Amiculus, A Secret History. It will include background on the author's influences as a student of classical Greek and Roman history, languages and theater.  It will follow the evolution of the idea from short play to short fiction to comic, provide background on the creative team, and offer a very brief tutorial on the art of crowdfunding, hopefully inspiring some audience members to bring their own projects to life!

2:00 PM: The Minicomix Revolution: 1969-1989
Revealed at last- the secret origins of minicomix! 
 join author Bruce Chrislip as he reads selected pieces from his book, The Minicomix Revolution: 1969-1989.  Journey back in time to minicomix scenes like San Francisco in 1972,  Seattle in 1981 and - Youngstown, Ohio  (!!!) in 1973.  If you are a small press comix fan or cartoonist, this is  your heritage!  Hear how it all began from one of the minicomix pioneers.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

3:00 PM:  Live Podcast Hosetd by Jason Ford with Joe Morris of TORC Press.

4:00 PM: "How I Construct Graphic Novel". Hosted by Josh White

Building a graphic novel is a lot like building a house. You carefully plan your moves because it is difficult once you’re done to go back and knock things down and redo them. Josh White is a local graphic novelist who has self-published two full length books, and he takes you through his process from mind mapping to final preparation for printing. He will also discuss briefly his experience getting an MFA in making graphic novels.

6:00 PM: Exhibitor Room Closes

Saturday Night:

9:00 PM: 2016 SPACE After – Party
Kafe Kerouac - 2250 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201

Sunday  March 26

10:00 AM: Exhibitor Room Opens

12:00 Noon: Visual Story-Telling Workshop
hosted by Thomas Boeing.

Come discuss style, structure, and other tools comics artists and authors possess to engage their readers. Participate in a story workshop that will challenge you to think about comics in a different way and will inspire you to create captivating art. 

1:00 PM:Turn Your Comics into an Animation:  Hosted by Scott Ciprian & Meg Mahoney from EssenceCartoon.
Find out how Essence Cartoon can take your comic book and turn it into an animation. From the pre-production, storyboarding, animatic/voiceovers, to animating it, matching the color palettes, style of the original work and the composting it all together. 

2:00 PM: Rules of 7 hosted by Jason Ford.

3:00 PM: Using Tech Toys to Create Comics
Hosted by Bruce Rosenberger

5:00 PM- Exhibitor Room closes


The SPACE Prize,




...and a Surprise or Two!