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Break The Line #1

Stories and Art by Jack Knifley and Rhett WhittingtonColor cover, b/w interior.24 Pages $1.99.  Break The Line #1 features 2 different stories by 2 very different creators. Something for everyone (hopefully), and under 2 bucks!


Coherent and Sane

“Coherent and Sane” will be premiered by Jeff Seiler (words) and Larry Hart (pictures), at SPACE 2006.  It is a self-published, black and white comic that consists of eight pages, with some extra stuff, and will be sold for $2.25.  If you buy it at SPACE, bring a quarter or it will be $3.00--- we don’t want to have to keep going and getting quarters all day!  (Heh.)  The comic is a visual portrayal of a letter that Jeff wrote to Dave (yeah, that Dave) last year.  There is also a special contribution by a surprise guest.  A special thank-you goes out to Larry for the idea of doing this thing at all!

BLINK is a beautifully detailed portrayal of the life of an idealistic cartoonist, Blink, and her opinionated friend, Sam.  Blink lives her life as as deeply as she can in the heart of the Mid-West of America.

BLINK: Up Leaves Fall Down & BLINK: Experiencing Creative Difficulties  $3 Each

B&W Digest format. Written & Illustrated by Max Ink





Chad Lambert's groundbreaking comic book exploration of the mothman continues with Point Pleasant: Eyes of the Beholder, a sequel to his 2005 Day Prize Short List nominated Point Pleasant one-shot.


Mr. Big #6

By Matt Dembicki

$1.50, 20 B&W pages, color covers

 This is it! Mr. Big and the intruding snakehead fish finally have it out! And only one of them survives!

Sometimes being a hitman ain’t all it’s cracked up to be… Scar has always known violence.  He was born to it, raised in it, and will someday die by its hand.  But Blackjack’s death is a whole new type of violence, a type that he can’t wrap his mind around with any ease. Finding his best friend dead on a rooftop, bullet through his head, has made Scar a bit paranoid.  And when you know as many ways to kill a man as he does, there are few things more dangerous than paranoia.  He wants to know who did it, why they did it, and if they have any last requests.  But something about Blackjack’s death will make it impossible for him to find a murderer. Too bad Scar doesn’t know that.

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