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Bunny Blues / Leaves #4 Story and Art by Bob Corby
After almost 3 years the next chapter in the lives of Mike Blues
and friends.  Mike runs into his childhood bully and also finally
asks Kit out.
28 page digest with color covers  $1.50
Back cover by Michael R. Neno


IIn The Wang: The BIG One, heralded by the Colorado Daily as a book that "should be handed out to every college graduate with worthless degrees," Stan Yan introduces us to our hapless protagonist, Eugene Wang and the dysfunctional relationships in his lonely life.
This coming of age story recounts Eugene's transition from college to the corrupt world of unscrupulous sales people, con artists, and cults.  Meanwhile, he attempts to deal with the loss of his girlfriend... to his mom.  As the two women in his life discover themselves, and each other, Eugene searches for his identity, uncovering secrets of our corrupt world along the way, with his strange new friend, Sue Anne Potts.
"As successful as The Big One was a combining what Scott Chon (Arbiter of Good Tast, calls, "An Asian-American sex comedy" with "a laugh-out-loud tragedy," Yan feels Who's Your Daddy" one-ups its predecessor by weaving into the mix, "the best murder mystery I've ever written.""


Out of Space by Jason "JTW" Wilkins 
Free special SPACE edition.
The martian SPACE crash lands in metro city and goes through hell  
trying to get back home!



"Title: Isn't It Beautiful: A Manley Days Collection - 130 pages - bw - Jeffery J. Manley has been drawing a journal comic strip every day since 1/17/05. This book collects all the strips that were drawn in 2005, all 360 of them. Lens flare sold separately."


Crossover Comics presents “NISHA” #2, the second installment of a four-part series.  Nisha continues to follow the orders of Nigel and his band of terrorists who hold her husband and daughter captive.  Working her away across the country, Nisha tries to keep a low profile, but when one possesses mysterious mental powers, no trip can go exactly as planned.  Meanwhile, the National Security Agency, under the leadership of Lt. General Michael Hyden, taps their vast resources to track down Nisha before the Russians find out she disappeared and the S.A.L.T. treaty that controls nuclear aggression is thrown in peril.  Corporate intrigue brews at the Long Island headquarters of Grubmann Industries, where a secret project known as B.E.L.A.M. is threatened by hidden factions.  What is Nigel after?  The story continues to unfold, and more than a few characters are caught by surprise.


ZED: Rave Reviews by Duane M. Abel

 Returning in his third collection is the lovable little laundry dweller ZED!
ZED is a self syndicated comic that has been called a "warm hug" by readers. Created by Duane M. Abel, ZED is drawn in a classic style and offers heart tugging humor. All collections of ZED will be available at Corkey Comics.


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