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publisher: drawrobot


retail: $3.50

color cover/bw interior

mini format (5.5x8.5in)
Paper Flowers Story and Art by Megan Corby
Not actual cover shown

Slam Bang #1, volume III, will premier at SPACE CON 2006! $10, Square

Bound, Digest, from Fan-Atic Press. (

( Slick color cover by Christina Wald, + 200 pages of

funny, crazy, comic strips in the Slam Bang tradition! (It started back

in 1985 by the way.) Jim Siergey, Robin Ator, Tim Corrigan, Brad Foster,

Larry Miller III, Scott Nichols, Paul T. Morgan, Doug Chaffee, Tyler

Sticka, Jason Jones, Russ Maheras, Paul Allen, Edward Pun, Stan Yan,

John Lustig, Todd Ritter.....more! Oh, and a few surprises...


Potlatch 5

Contributors so far: Noppie (Whistle Blower), Joanne Mutch (Rumble Strips), Ron LeBrassuer, Stan Yan (The Wang), FlexDan, Iain Laurie, Juan Navarro, David Recine, Chad lambert
(Possum at Large),and Bob Corby (Bunny Blues / Leaves).
Estimated 64 page trade paperback.


Sion by William Deeter


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