SPACE Comics Market

SPACE Comics Market

SPACE Comics Market is Closed.
Thanks for supporting our exhibitors.
You can still watch the recorded live cast on YouTube and FaceBook

Live Cast Programming Schedule

2020 SPACE Prize Application
Applications and books must be postmarked no later than 8/15/2020

Composited digital and physical jam board. click for high rez version
Support our Exhibitors: 
Ken Eppstein
Tom Williams
Stephen Hines
David Caldwell
Michael R. Neno
Maryanne Rose Papke 
Lora Root
Arthur Stoermer
Christopher Dillion
Charlie Haggard
John Pirog
Kristin Ousley
Ryan Claytor
Jessica Robinson
Unhinged Twins
Joel Cramer
Coats Brothers
Craig Lindsley
Jeremy Daniels
Victor Dandridge
Joe Morris
Suzanne Baumann
Brian Canini 
Michael A. Carroll
Joe Zabel
Matt Feazell
Kel Crum
Columbus Scribbler
Laughing Ogre
Bob Corby

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