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A 24 hour comic about alternative worlds, bad poetry and packing peanuts.
comes with an apology pre-printed on the cover. 24 interior b&w page mini-comic. 
$1.50 postage included.





Math is nothing to fear...or is it?

112 page TPB 6"X9" Only $8.95


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Paper Flowers: Book One by Megan N. Corby

Young Chad is the one to give the bad news to his friend, Ziya. Eleven years later Chad is asked to help stop the kidnapping of young women. 24 page digest with full color covers.  $2.50






OH,COMICS! #1:  1988  premier edition of the anthology of Ohio artists and writers featuring Jim Pack, Matt Levin, Mike Toth, David Vance, Ian Shires, Allen Freeman, Sheridan, Aaron S. Tracy, Bruce Chrislip, Bob Vojtko, Teri S. Wood, and Bob Corby.  40 page mini (5-1/2 X 4-1/4).  Offset printed.  $1.50   Check Oh,Comics!#1 debut at Mid-Ohio Con back in 1988 on YouTube



OH,COMICS! #2:  The second annual small press comic anthology featuring Ohio comic creators Larry Blake, Mike Toth, David Vance, Michael Neno, Aaron S. Tracy, Aaron Archer, Ian Shires, Chris Arnold, Dwight Decker, Teri S. Wood, Sheridan, B.A. Richardson, Robert Vaughn, and Bob Corby.  40 page full size comic (10-1/4 X 6-1/2).  Offset printed.  $2.50  




OH,COMICS! #3:  The 1990 edition of the anthology comic featuring comic creators from Ohio.  This issue features Chris Arnold, Michael Carroll, Mike Doak, Gary Cook, Rob Dubnicka,  Verl Holt Bond, Larry Blake, Art J. Delano,  B.A. Richardson, Tyim Courts, and Bob Corby.  32 page full size comic (10-1/4 X 6-1/2) with two color wrap around cover, offset printed.  $2.00




OH,COMICS! #4:  Big 4th issue!  52 pages featuring Ben Small, Randy Watts, A. Matney, Michael R. Neno, J.K. Carrier, Kel M. Crum, Mike Toth, Dave Vance, Verl  Holt Bond, L. Neil Pierce, Max Ink, Dan. W. Taylor, Mike and Michelle Carroll, Willard Petrey, Aaron S. Tracy, Joe Martin, David Mack, Gary Cook, Rob Dubnicka, Mike Doak, Marcus Rollie, Tyim Courts, and Bob Corby.  52 page full size comic (10-1/4 X 6-1/2).  Offset printed.  $3.00 




OH,COMICS! #5:  5th annual issue of this Small Press classic.  This issue features work from Karen O'Donnell, J. Kevin Carrier, Michael A. Carroll, Kel M. Crum, Verl Holt Bond, Mike Toth, Dave Vance, Gary Cook, Rob Dubnicka, Ben Small, Tyim Courts, and Bob Corby.  48 page digest (8-1/2 X5-1/2 ).  Offset printed. $2.00




OH,COMICS!  #6:    The1993 edition with Pam Bliss, Jim Pack, Mike Lucas, J. Kevin Carrier, Karen O'Donnell, Max Ink, Ben Small, Rob Dubnicka, Mike and Michelle Carroll, Mike Toth, Dave Vance, Larry Blake, Verl Holt Bond, Michael Neno, and Bob Corby.  Screened cover by Tyim Courts.  52 page digest (8-1/2X5-1/2).  Offset printed.  $2.50




OH,COMICS!  #7:    Big 68 Page issue! The "Letters" issue featuring Tyim Courts, Pam Bliss, Verl Holt Bond, Eric Hess, J. Kevin Carrier, Robert Lewis, Larry Blake, Brent Riches, Kel M. Crum, Karen O'Donnell, Mike Lucas, Mike Carroll, Mike Toth, Dave Vance, Russell Ferry, Michael R. Neno, Matt Feazell and Bob Corby.  68 page digest (8-1/2X5-1/2).  Offset printed. $2.50





OH,COMICS! #8:    The "Luck" theme issue featuring the work of Pam Bliss, Tori  McElroy, Tyim Courts, Max Ink, David Vance, Michael Toth, Tim Fischer, Karen O'Donnell,  J. Kevin Carrier, Chad Lambert, Don Paris Schlotman, Drew Payne, Brent Riches, Andrew M. Ford, and Bob Corby. 56 page digest (8-1/2X5-1/2) Two color cover. Offset printed. $2.00 




OH,COMICS! #8-1/2:     The comic that almost wasn't! The "Down but Not Out" issue. Spitting in the face of adversity - our largest issue ever! 60 pages plus a 16 page supplement. Featuring the talents of Andrew M. Ford, Russ Miller, Pam Bliss, Johnny Gonzales, Larry Blake, Rob Dorsey, Tyim Courts, Kel M. Crum, J. Kevin Carrier, Tim Fischer, Ian Shires, L. Neil Pierce, Mike Carroll, Mike Doak, Mike Toth, David Vance and Bob Corby. 60 page digest plus 16 page supplement (8-1/2X5-1/2) photocopied. $2.00




OH,COMICS! #9: 96 pages for the '97 edition. This issue includes work by Mike Carroll, Will Petrey, Mike Toth, Dave Vance, Tyim Courts, Ray Tomczak, Matt Levin, Dave Skite, Chad Lambert, Nathan Lovett, Matt Feazell, Larry Blake, Russ Ferryman, Johnny Gonzales, Karen O'Donnell, J. Kevin Carrier, Larry Nibert, Mike Lucas, Kel M. Crum, Andrew M. Ford, Joe Mirabello, Neil Pierce, Ian Shires, Jason Crooks, and Bob Corby. 96 page digest (8-1/2X5-1/2) photocopied $3.00




OH,COMICS! #10- Small Press anthology featuring work by Holgie and Manda, Bill McKay, Mike Carroll, Will Petrey, Larry Nibert, Pam Bliss, Johnny Gonzales, Bob Corby, Steven Myers, David Myers, and Matt Levin. 72 pages (5-1/2X8-1/2) $2.00




OH,COMICS! #10-1/2- Overflow from issue #10 featuring work by Todd Webb, Joe Mirabello, J. Kevin Carrier, Karen O'Donnell, Larry Blake,Ray Tomczak, Mick Cusimano, Floyd Choat, Mike Toth, David Vance, and Kel M. Crum.  56 pages (5-1/2X8-1/2) $2.00





OH,COMICS! #11- Big 152 page trade paperback!! Science Fiction Issue.

Featuring Pam Bliss, Bill McKay, Karen O’Donnell, Bob Corby, J. Kevin Carrier, Mike Toth, Dave Vance, Joe Mirabello, Michael Neno, David Myers, Steve Myers, Matt Levin, Mike Carroll, Will Petrey, Kel Crum, Johnny Gonzales, Larry Nibert, Larry Blake, Ray Tomczak, Mick Cusimano, Todd Webb, Ryan Holgerson and Brent Riches.  152 page (6-3/4”X10-1/4’) Full color covers $8.00




OH,COMICS! #12: The Dreams Issue featuring the work of Billy McKay, Mike Toth, Dave Vance, Pam Bliss, Johnny Gonzales, Ben T. Steckler, Steve Myers, Matt Levin, Mike Carroll, Merlina Thompson, Tom Williams, Larry Blake,  Ray Tomczak, Kel M. Crum, Will Petry, Mick Cusimano, Todd Webb, Rich Watson, Mike Lucas and Bob Corby. 152 page (6-3/4”X10-1/4’) Full color covers $10.00


Oh,Comics!#13: Luck






Oh,Comics! #14: Nature

Featuring comics by  Robert Gavila, Billy McKay , Jennifer Hachigan, TV-Fisch, Sal Cipraino, Glenn Brewer, Randy Zimmerman, Johnny Gonzales, Matt Levin, Steven Myers, Pam Bliss, Mike Carrol, Kel M. Crum, Joe Mirabello, Mike Lucas ,Craig Bogart, Ken Picklesimer Jr., Rob Socha,  Larned Justin, Ben New,  Mick Cusimano, Nicholas Burns ,  Yul Tolbert , Merlinna Thompson, Brian Canini, Eric Owens, Ray Tomczak ,Matt Feazell, Ben T. Steckler, Kathy Corby, Megan Corby and Bob Corby.120 page (6-3/4”X10-1/4’) Full color covers $10.00


 Oh,Comics! #15: Music

Click on the title for a sample

Media Bullseye November 2003 by Michael Toth and David  Vance  
Symphony by Matt Dembicki 
The Glum by Billy McKay  
Walking Man Comics Rhapsadizes on Music by Matt Levin 
The Idioms by Mike Lucas 
Maw & Paw Headbanger by Matt Feazell 
Moondance by Larned Justin  
One Fine Day by Larry Blake 
Ellynne “Make Your Own Muse Sick” by Robert Gavila
Incident at Templitz by Mick Cusimano    
A Chemistry Experiment in Music by Steve Peters 
The Strolling Bones by Mick Cusimano 
The Guy: Porkapoloza by Sal Cipraino  
Lizard Man vs. Oceanus by Steven Myers
Music Theme Box by Yul Tolbert 
Why I’m Not Musical by Bob Corby 
OH15 Beside the Music:Accidentals by Mike Carrol 
Dairyfresh Dance Party by Pam Bliss
How Billy McKay Almost  Made Me Miss this Year’s
Oh,Comics! Submission Deadline
by Joe Mirabello 
A Cornelia Story “Cause and Effect” by Kel M. Crum
Wasted Potential “Family Time” by Ray Tomczak 
Crisis on Indifferent Earths by Craig Bogart , Ken Picklesimer Jr. and Rob Socha 
Waldo Brakefluid by Matt Feazell
The Revisionist: The Sound of Silence by Chad Lambert, Chris Steininger and Jim Keplinger 
Gang of 3 by D.K.Upshaw 
Lizanne by D.K.Upshaw 
Top Ten Reasons Not to Shave Your Eyebrows by Merlinna Thompson 
Plungerboy: Music of the Mind by Brian Canini
Cover design by Bob Corby
Editor, Publisher, Pixel Paster: Bob Corby
Music theme suggested by Megan Corby

.162 page (6-3/4”X10-1/4’) Full color covers $10.00


Oh, Comics! #16 The "Food" issue

Click on the title below for a sample of each strip.

The Hunt by Matt Dembicki

The Ineffables: Gormuu Feasts by Craig Bogart

Blink : Beatnik Picnik by Max Ink

Iron Stomach by Mike Carroll

Please Don't feed the Sharkipede by  Pam Bliss

Captain Spandex and Metal Head by Larry Blake

Stanley and Livingston / Oh, Food by Larned Justin

Possum At Large: The Dark Ages - Meat is Murder"

by Chad Lambert and James V. West

Paper Flowers: Vegetarian’s Problems by Megan Corby

Donna the Dead by Kel Crum

Roscoe by Brian Canini and David Grant

A Dress Unknown by Ben Small

Fearless Force / Feed by Steven Myers

Bunny Blues / Pizza Burns by Bob Corby

 The book is 98 delicious pages. $8.95 (postage included)

Oh,Comics! # 17 "Water"

Oh,Comics! #17
the "Water" issue now available on-line. 15 sparkling clean refreshing stories. Click on the title for a sample of each.

Walkingman Comics: Water Torture by Matt Levin
The Amazing Cynicalman: Clouds by Matt Feazell
Ineffables by Craig Bogart and Dara Naraghi
Blink: Rain in the Evening, Rein in Our Mourning… by Max Ink
Mushawasing by Pam Bliss
Lizardman: H-2-uh-oh! by Steven Myers
4 Years Ago by Jonathon Riddle
R.A.IN.B.O.W: Complete Idiots Guiding Natural Disasters by Michael Carroll
Human Water Requirements by Dan W. Taylor
Walkingman Comics: Call it Water by Matt Levin
The Amazing Cynicalman: Overtime by Matt Feazell & Jim Mackey
Snappy & Wappy by Kel M. Crum
Terrible Swift by Betsy Allen & Ben Small
Rain by Megan Corby
Bunny Blues / How 2 Overcome by Bob Corby
Oh,Comics! 20th anniversary at Mid-Ohio Con

New low  price $5.50 (price includes postage)



Oh,Comics! # 18 "Earth"

Oh,Comics! #18
the "Earth" issue now available on-line. 18 strips by13 creators. Click on the title for a sample of each.

The Great Reclamation by Ben Small

Blink: Why Bother by Max Ink & Jon Riddle

Wasted Potential   by Ray Tomzcak

Onion City in Spring  by Sue Lense

Muck and Myerson! by Brent.Riches

Vugz by Bob Corby

R.A.IN.B.O.W. : As the Worms Turn by Michael Carroll

Wasted Potential  by Ray Tomzcak

A Fairly Short Cornelia Story by Kel Crum

Memories of Earth by Matt Levin

Dirt by Tom Roberts

Onion City by Sue Lense

Hugh Manatee by Matt Wyatt

Wasted Potential :Uncle Norm’s Puzzle Page by Ray Tomzcak

 ‘Lil F.E.D.S.: Defenders of the Earth Sand by Steve Myers

The Kansas City Tots Versus The Sand Men by Steve Myers

Onion City  by Sue Lense

Marcel’s Effortless Garden


New low price $5.50 (price includes postage)


Oh,Comics! #19 "Fire"

Now order it here for just $7.00 including P&H

Click on the title for a preview

A Spark’s Desire is an Ember’s Deed by Max Ink
Ed Thud suffers from Head Burn by Kel Crum
Campfire a Work  in Progress by Pam Bliss
Cast Out by Mat Calvert
Hotel Fire Safety by Kira Keck
When You Wish Upon a Fire by Matt Levin
The Fire Bird by Matt Levin
Comicverse: Fire by Bianca Alu & Steve Peters
Oceanus & Furie: Fire of the Earth by Steven Myers
Fired Up by Dave Skite
Uncle Norm’s Puzzle Pages by Ray Tomczak
Vugz: Cook Out by Bob Corby
I’m on Fire by B.A. Richardson & Matt Wyatt
R.A.IN.B.O.W.: Story Title Contains No Fire Puns by Mike Carroll
Uninvited Guest by Bob Corby
Covers by Jonathon Riddle






Big Ears and Flat Feet
(Bunny Blues Collection 1988-1995)
by Bob Corby

A collection of Mike Blues Mysteries including "Shell Game" published in Nuance #1 and "The Dead Rabbit" published in the first Bunny Blues limited series plus shorts from Oh,Comics! Find out how Mike became the neurotic mess he is in the present "Leaves" limited series.

104 pages 6"X9" trade paperback





Why I'm Not Musical Mini:

 The mini version of the comic featuring a childhood auto-biographical story.  Much more affordable. Color! 4-1/4X 5-1/2 only $1.50




A Tribute to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” The painting which appears in the background of this comic is a copy of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” which I painted in high school back in 1973. The cover is a block print of a detail of the painting which was executed in 2005.  16 page mini with hand printed block print cover. $1.50 Now in color for the same price!



The failed 24 hour comic.  The complete story with a block printed cover.  Bill is a hard working grad-student.  See what happens one evening when he comes home for a surprise visit.  24 page mini comic.  $1.50



A little 16 page experimental mini. Only $1.50